Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SK-II Tips: How to Use the Basic Set

This Basic Set or known as 7-day SK-II Pitera Miracle Kit is a set of THREE items :

Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

This Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser has an wonderful cleansing element that lifts/removes debris from the skin and pores. It  contains Concentrated Pitera.

You actually only need a pea-sized of SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser. Lather it in your palm with a little bit of water and cleanse your face with the foam for no longer than 60 seconds! Softly massage onto face and neck. Rinse with water.

Its actually very important to do double cleansing : first with makeup remover, then followed with the cleanser. It does not matter whether or not you have your makeup on because our skin is still contaminated with dirt and oil. SK-II's makeup remover range is the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Oil, Cream and Gel, but any other makeup remover work as well. Skipping double cleansing is the major culprit of clogged pores!

Some comments from on the Cleanser:

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is a toner. When using this, make sure you really soak the cotton because cotton that is slightly dry is harsh to the skin. Start wiping at your T-zone, then U-zone and then your neck. Never repeat the whole process! If you feel a slight tingling sensation, next time run a little water on the cotton after soaking it with the toner to dilute it.

Facial Treatment Essence

The star product : Facial Treatment Essence famously know as the “Miracle Water”. The essence contains all the nutrients that your skin needs and it helps to maintain the skin’s natural renewal cycle. 

Your Journey to Crystal Clear Skin SK-II Facial Treatment Essence helps improve *5 dimensions of Crystal Clear Skin: Texture Refinement, Firmness, Radiance, Wrinkle Appearance, Even Skin Tone.
 *Studies conducted on Asian Consumers.

Again soak the cotton pad and pat it all over your face. Can leave it on at certain areas for some time if you like.

Since the cotton pads used must be soaked with Clear Lotion and Essence, one tip is to cut it into small pieces. I will usually cut the Guardian Facial Squares into 4 parts, to get that nicely soaked pads.

So there you are, the beginning of your journey to a radiant, glowing skin.. bringing out the best of your natural beauty.

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